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Industrial revolution

Let’s begin with trying to define the term, Renaissance. The Renaissance may be defined as a period of the revival of European art and literature under the influence of the classical models between the 14th and 16th century. Revisiting history, the industrial revolution happens to be a period which marked the transition from the more age old process, to a more advanced machine oriented manufacturing process in the period between 1760 to sometime between 1840 and 1860. The film industry is going through a similar process of renaissance as most today sit to gather most of the art and culture which were axed either by censorship or too soon before time leading to a possible industrial revolution in the near future. Ace production houses along with prominent names in the industry are calling it the Digital revolution.

With the advent of social media, communication in itself has taken a bold turn today. Opinions, discussions and debates have taken a new turn. With everyone holding a tool to publish, Twitter and Facebook have made information and opinions accessible to many in the world today within seconds. The most recent example being that of the #intolerance debate struck allegedly by Aamir Khan during the Ramnath Goenka awards for excellence in Journalism where a rephrased speech was picked up by the media and had repercussions all over the country. Such is the power of this digital revolution. Amongst most other social media platforms, the one gaining maximum exposure today is that of YouTube. The site which once started as a video streaming network has phenomenally developed as social networking website where it has moved beyond views but has now become, views, news, reviews and more.  

Popular media and communication institutes are now hence including the YouTube model within their syllabus of its importance in media studies on an educational perspective. The concept of having a channel of your own on this platform free of cost has lured many into sharing their hidden talents garnering views making them stars. The likes of popular YouTube channels such as All India Bakchod and the Viral Fever have made their brand value as to what it is today. With views hitting more than millions on videos, brands have now identified with the new network of advertisement with guaranteed numbers on display for their own audit. Well it doesn't just limit to that, the whole monetising scheme that the website runners have come up with not only allows one to put themselves on display but also make money from the content they are willing to pay for. Though terms and conditions for the same state that content needs to be absolutely original without the slightest hints of plagiarism and many more, there has been a revolution of people willing to participate in this revolution and take a chance. 

The pioneers of such content will definitely be the forerunners. With no censorship to content, one can be free to make their creativity run wild in modern times. With brands willing to now spend with these groups of content creators observing the success in terms of reach it was only time before Cinema and TV series went digital. Lets take an example. TVF came up with their original series, Pitchers earlier this year. The first season of the iconic web series witnessed five episodes to begin with each with surrogated branded content which was enough to afford the grandness that the show had to offer. The story was of four boys who aspire to make the greatest start-up of all time and their discovery of challenges they face on their way to their destiny. An absolutely honest narrative in accompaniment of good direction, some amazing acting and of course the story made sure that this show turns out to be a cult favourite creating a path for many others to follow in this digital revolution. The show after being initially aired on YouTube and then on their website TVF play received appreciation all around by known industry contemporaries and the fans in general making the ordinary boys on the show celebrated individuals over night.  On one side when people complained about episodic shows in India being absolutely low on content and unbearable to watch. On the other hand, there was this show which made its way into the IMDB ratings of the top 30 shows all over the world finding itself on a position higher than shows such as Friends and House of Cards. 

That itself was a mark enough to prove that Indian content just needs the right creative Independence to compete with some of the best. Rumours have it that Hollywood digital giant, Netflix is already on its way to India next year which will revolutionise the forms of storytelling India that India never had but India always deserved. With such rumours in place, Indian giants have also positioned themselves in competition which has given way to a new digital wing in most established organisations newly created organisations for the same. Prominent examples of this would be the Y Films banner, the digital division of Yash Raj Films which has already produced success stories such as Bang Bajaa Baraat and Man’s world with many more in the pipeline. It is also rumoured that the steamy competition has forced many others to come into the digital perspective. It is believed that Balaji’s Alt Motion Pictures is ready with their digital division in their process to launch as many as 40 shows within the next 6 months. TV giants Adhikari Brothers are also in the process along with Mukta Arts, Sony LIV and many more. Apart from these, there are giant digital firms such as Culture Machine with their Being Indian and many more shows along with Pinkvilla and many more who have established a newly created digital syndicate. This is not only going to lead to A-Class content making but also creates a scope of work for the otherwise struggling film makers and media graduates looking to make it large. 

Apart from the biggies the digital revolution is also giving rise to ambition as many have taken the baton on their own hand. One division of the digital being webisodes and web-cinema the other rise has been of V-Logs. Video logs are the new popular in today's world with access to many volunteering to watch entertainment free of cost. This division doesn't quite demand the budget and is more about the confidence one has to display his or her vision. On speaking to a few V-Loggers, Jamie White, a media professional residing in Bombay accorded saying that her objective for starting her channel ‘Jaymee-Ella’ began as a challenge. She further added saying that ‘the industry is unfair to many and it is hence time we showed the industry that the days of dependency were long gone’. 

The challenge then began within the four walls of a house leading to a construction for a studio in place today. Jamie further added stating that the digital revolution is there for exploitation and it should be now before too late as it was once when she only had the mirror to speak to but there are more than 2000 people talking about her today. Another V-logger, Bhavini Soni, also spoke her mind stating that there is no amateur in the digital world. It's all about that start which will one day make them into a star that she too aspires to be through her YouTube channel focusing on secrets to make up and styling. 

With the added dose of production, employment, initiative, revenue and content, the revolution is only beginning with each being a fair player and equal opportunity to perform. There definitely couldn’t be the beginning to a better Industrial revolution.
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