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Indulge in fruitilicious desserts this summer

 Kiran Sharma |  2016-05-27 22:09:07.0  |  New Delhi

Indulge in fruitilicious desserts this summer

As you enter Cha Bar, the aroma of delicious food gently casts a spell on you. Once you have made yourself comfortable and had a glance at the ambience, a well-crafted menu of summer coolers like Green Apple Soda, Jal Zeera, Pink Lemonade, Green Japanese Matcha Shake, Aam Panna and Sattu Cooler are there to cool you down.

Out of all summer coolers Green Japanese Matcha Shake may grab the attention of many. As curiosity over powers taste in some cases—when it comes to the flavour, the drink may be a let-down as it is milk-based and heavy. Key ingredient of this shake is the matcha tea leaves which is one of the most expensive tea varieties of the world. Matcha tree is grown in dark and its leaves are crushed and made into fine powder like turmeric. Pink Lemonade and Jal Zeera also brought some competition to the table.

Drinks were just the beginning to a delightful afternoon; soon a variety of seasonal fruit-based desserts were served. This thoughtful dessert menu includes six different fruit flavours like Litchi Mousse, Mango Baked Cheesecake, Honey and Lemon Parafait, Jamun Brule and few more. Most of the customers had developed fondness, especially for Jamun Brule and the Litchi Mousse. Though Mango Baked Cheesecake was liked by many, it doesn’t go with the idea of keeping the desserts light. 

Jamun Brule tastes like an ideal dessert which is low on sugar as Jamun is a known friend to diabetic patients.  The flavour of Honey and Lemon Parafait was a difficult guess as the blend of lemon and honey put forth a new tangy sweet experience for the taste buds. Chef Namrata said:“The idea behind adding new desserts and summer coolers was to provide our customers with healthy and refreshing treat, while keeping in mind the season the items shouldn’t go heavy on their stomach. So they can enjoy without the regret of consuming too much.”

Fruits are liked by all age groups, plus they come with a lot health benefits. Taking note of customers’ taste and health Cha Bar has shown dedication, through the culinary skills, for their satisfaction.

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