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Indonesia raids suspects wanted in embassy plot

Indonesia’s anti-terrorism squad on Wednesday swooped in on the believed hideout of militants suspected of plotting to blow up the Myanmar Embassy. Multiple shots were fired as police surrounded the house for hours and called for those inside to surrender, but it was unclear if anyone was hurt.

Deputy Chief of National Police Lt. Gen. Nanan Sukarna said the raid in Cigondewah village in West Java province was aimed at capturing four militants believed to be involved in last week’s foiled embassy attack in Jakarta. The suspects have been living in the rented house for the last four months, Sukarna said.

National police chief Gen. Timur Pradopo told reporters after briefing President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono that shots were fired because there was resistance from the suspected militants holed up inside the house. ‘Hopefully there are no casualties,’ Pradopo said, adding that residents living near the house were evacuated. An Associated Press reporter at the scene said police were yelling for the militants to give themselves up.
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