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Indonesia aerobatic planes crash in Malaysia, pilots safe

Indonesia aerobatic planes crash in Malaysia, pilots safe
Two planes from an Indonesian aerobatics team collided and crashed on Sunday during a practice session before an air show on Malaysia’s Langkawi island but all four pilots are safe.

The Korean-made KAI KT-1 Woongbi planes were part of a team from the Indonesian Air Force which will be taking part in the Langkawi International Maritime and Aerospace exhibition this week. “At around 2pm, two aircraft from our Jupiter aerobatics team were conducting a practice for the air show in Langkawi, Malaysia, when they collided and then crashed,” Indonesian military spokesman Fuad Basya told AFP in Jakarta.

“All four pilots on both planes were safe. They ejected when the aircraft started getting out of control.” 

Malaysia’s Star newspaper said the pilots were rushed to a local hospital, and a fire services photo showed one on a stretcher.

A spokesman for the Langkawi Fire and Rescue Department, quoted by Bernama news agency, said the two planes crashed while flying in a formation of six.

The crash also set a house on fire, Bernama said, adding that firemen managed to douse the flames. 
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