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India’s tryst with reality

India’s tryst  with reality
The master of 250 words, Sir Mark Tully was in conversation with the author of Implosion: India's tryst with reality – John Elliott at Oxford bookstore’s Cha-Bar yesterday. 
It was a celebration of the publication of the book. And celebration means good food for us in India.
Well, good food did not happen but the mood was set with glasses of wine being served to the once listeners (and now drinkers). 

While the author spoke at length about the chalta hai and jugaad attitude of the people in India, one could see the live examples of this with a mucchad uncle gulping down the red and the yellow one glass after the other.
Elliott, however was talking of these phrases being used as an excuse for not doing any substantial work or any work for that matter. ‘Chalta hai is used as a long term disaster management system in India. It is the same attitude that owes to the ever increasing red tapism in the country,' says John.           
Elliott spoke of India during Nehru's rule, how jugaad was in place even  then, and how corruption has escalated and so has the technology to be more corrupt. 
Damned be liberalisation! What India needs is a change in the political system and also some more wine to that man with a hat! 

Well if jugaad and chalta hai dates back to Nehru, we really need to bring about a change. At least a change in these words is much needed! 

After a long British accented speech by Elliott downright criticising the country, it was Mark Tully's turn to come for the rescue. 

Between a crying baby and more bottoms up, came a darting question from the audience. The question however was not as weird as the airport accent with which the man spoke in, which eventually ended in a lukhnowi accent.   

Anyhow, the book seems more of a criticism than a base for solutions.
You may want to listen to the election campaign speeches for the list of problems we have and join the ranks of people across the country who feel (and hope) that someone should change the system.
And for the book - Implosion: India’s tryst with reality, now that you have missed the chance of getting  it signed by the author, you may as well buy the book online.

Book: Implosion: India’s tryst with reality by John Elliott
Publisher: Harper India
Price: Rs 699
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