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Indian youths attracted to ISIS worrying trend: Singh

Addressing a seminar of the DGPs and IGPs in Guwahati, Singh, hinting at Mumbai youth Arif Majeed, who returned home on Friday, after a stint with ISIS in Iraq, said, one cannot underestimate the destruction such terror groups cause despite the fact that the terror group was born out of Syria and Iraq.

The Indian sub-continent cannot remain untouched by this menace.

“We are deeply concerned with some Indian youths have been attracted to ISIS. It is a serious matter and more than a crime it is a social issue. We cannot take it lightly and taking this new trend as a challenge,” he added.

The Home Minister said that the arrest of Arif, who returned to Mumbai after disappearing in ISIS controlled areas in Iraq, was not done to harass him. “We have to act on a case-to-case basis,” he said.

He claimed that Al Qaida’s Asia chapter, Qaeda-ul-Jehad, is aiming to form a global terror network to bring Bangladesh, Assam, Gujarat, Jammu and Kashmir and some other parts of the country under its grip. “We are aware of such moves and we will not allow this to happen. Those who will try to destabilize the harmony of the country will be punished,” Singh said.

Singh also blamed ‘state actors’ in Pakistan behind destabilizing its relationship with India. “It is unfortunate that Pakistan has not abandoned their efforts to harm our country through various tactics. Pakistan continues to take the alibi of ‘non-state actors’ for subversive activities in India.”

The Home Minister said many foreign terrorist groups think that since a large number of Muslims live in India, they can recruit many of them in their fold and fight for creation of an Islamic country.

“But Indian Muslims are patriotic and they have been fighting for the protection of their mother land since Independence. Indian Muslims are always ready to fight for the security and sovereignty of the country. And that is why such terrorist groups will not succeed,’ he said.

“Many foreign forces were misusing India’s soil for their nefarious design,’ he said, while referring to October 2 blast in Burdwan in West Bengal where Jamaat-ul-Mujahideen Bangladesh (JMB) was involved.

The home minister revealed that there was a failed attempt by the South Asia wing of the Al Qaeda to hijack a frigate of the Pakistan Navy.

He claimed that the terror group was planning to target American and Indian Naval ships through the Pakistan Naval vessel.

‘What is of more concern for us is that some of the Pakistan Navy personnel were also involved in it. We should prepare ourselves to meet this challenge and I am sure victory will be ours,’ he said.

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