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‘Indian players need space and freedom’

Pakistan's former captain, Wasim Akram has advised the PCB and the national team management to not treat the players like schoolboys during the tour of India. Responding to remarks made by the Pakistan team manager, Naved Cheema that players would not be allowed free movement or to attend private parties or functions in India, Akram said today that if they were made to feel like they were in jail in India it would affect their performances.

‘I don't agree with this approach. I think the players should be given space and freedom. If they are relaxed and open minded they will perform better as well,’ Akram said.

‘I know due to the spot-fixing scandal and increased media glare things have changed in international cricket but still players must be given responsibility,’ he added. Akram said that during the time of Imran Khan, players were relaxed as the captain and management didn't place undue curbs on their movement.

‘It was only one day before a match or during the match that we knew we had to adhere to strict timings but otherwise there were no bars on us and the players also realised their responsibilities,’ he said.
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