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Indian Ocean ‘didn’t miss Sushmit’

Indian Ocean ‘didn’t miss Sushmit’
Indian  Ocean, India’s first Indo-rock fusion band are  into their 25 years of existence now. Marking this event, the band is now up with their new album Tandanu. After Sushmit Sen, one of the founder members, left the band, Indian Ocean have collaborated with biggies in music. We got talking with Amit Kalim, the drummer and percussionist of the band. Here are excerpts...

Being Amit Kilam, how do you feel associated with the band?
Feels great. I have been associated with the band for 20 years now. I am really very happy. It gives me immense satisfaction contributing to the band. I feel lucky.

Tell us something about your new album Tandanu
This is the seventh album of our band. It is formed in collaboration with some great musicians of our country. The album have seven songs and each song features one musician with whom we have collaborated. It is a fresh piece of music with no influence from the bollywood music.

This is your first album after Sushmit Sen left the band. What difference you guys felt working without him? 
We didn't miss Sushmit. After he left, we have a new guitar player Nikhil Rao. Everything was new for him and for us as well. We had to do a lot more of practice than we used to do while Sushmit was there. We started from the basics again. This time the idea was fresh. It was a whole new album with a whole new sound and a new face. It was the time we kept reinventing ourselves and worked really very hard. 

You are collaborating with biggies in music for your new album. How was the experience?
Working with all the big star  Vishwa Mohan Bhatt, Vishal Dadlani, Selva Ganesh, Karsh Kale, Shankar Mahadevan, Shubha Mudgal and Kumaresh Rajagopalan was a real experience. These guys are really amazing. I lack words to express how it felt.

25 years of existence of Indian Ocean now. How has the journey been so far?
The journey was fantastic. Inspite of all the ups and downs we faced throughout years, we are left with no regrets. I just wish the journey goes on for years after. 

How would you guys define your musical philosophy?
Practically we don't have any philosophy. Called for music we don't make music for public. We make music for ourself and hope that the public likes it. We just have to be happy and than only we can be true and can make really good music which everyone will accept.

In our country how easy or difficult it is to make a mark in music?
Well, according to me it is as easyor as difficult as you make it to be. In India a lot of things have changed. More people can come up with their talent. There are a lot new festivals which can help you showcase your talent. You have to be ready for a long process. Nothing is spontaneous. 

What/ Who would you take as your greatest inspiration?
Calling it inspiration, I cannot take a single name. There are a lot of people whom I met throughout the journey of life. All of them inspires me in one way or another. Any act of kindness or cruelty by anyone  do leaves a vital mark in my life. 

What lies next in the pipeline?
There are no plans yet. Tandanu was a very big project which left us with a very tight schedule. We haven't planned anything for future now.

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