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‘Indian managers more confident than Chinese’

Compared to their Chinese counterparts, Indian managers have more self-confidence, says a recent report.

‘Leaders in India were significantly more confident with 41 per cent confident from the start itself. Overall, 81 per cent of leaders in India and 63 per cent of leaders in China felt confident to lead within the first six months,” according to talent management expert Development Dimensions International’s (DDI) report Finding the Global First Rung Research.

DDI surveyed 1,373 front-line leaders in China and India. But the study found  a disconnect, particularly in India, between self-evaluation and assessment. Thirty-eight per cent of Indian leaders feel they are strong in empowerment or delegation but in reality 76 per cent of them have development needs in this competency.

About 80 per cent managers in China learn their leadership skills through trial & error while Indians place a much higher emphasis on outside learning, with a heavy reliance on MBAs. The study also found that mentors appeared to be the most effective method of acquiring leadership skills in both the countries.

In India new leaders struggle in the first year as 69 per cent feel their manager has the knowledge and tools to support their development and 62 per cent feel their manager is committed to supporting them.

However, these new leaders are frustrated with the amount of feedback they receive and the quality of their development assignments, it said.
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