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Indian-Americans split support for Trump and Clinton

Indian-Americans appeared split in their support for the two presidential candidates, with some favouring Republican nominee Donald Trump by calling him “aggresive” in his attack while others saying that the former secretary of state is more “experienced in governance”.

“Today’s Presidential debate was one of the spirited one,” said Mississippi-based Sampat Shivangi. “Trump was aggressive in attacking Clinton and she appeared subdued. The debate gave a new lease of life to Trump campaign, said Shivangi, the national president of Indian- American Forum for Political Education and a Republican delegate.

“But she did well on foreign policy discussions and came across as knowledgeable and command over the issues. Trump faltered on the policy matters. Next two days will decide the fate of Trump’s campaign as to how many more Republican Party leaders well abandon him. But today’s debate seems has given lease to his life,” Shivangi said.

“But one thing is certain come what may he will never quit the race as he has nothing to loose,” he added.

“After tonight’s debate, I hope the Republican Hindu Coalition follows the lead of Senator John McCain and other Republican leaders and withdraws its support for Donald Trump,” Rajdeep Singh Jolly, a community leader who is campaigning against Trump disagreed.

“Mr Trump is basically an entertainer, and I don’t believe we should give an entertainer access to nuclear weapons,” he said.

“Trump sidestepped his boorish videotaped comments by asserting: his was only “locker room” talk, while Bill Clinton actually did the bad deeds. Hillary, who clearly is well experienced in governance held sway, even as Wikileaks’ disclosed “public position” and “private position” petered out without being used to much consequence,” Indian-American attorney Ravi Batra said.

“But, ultimately this election will come down to: if voters want more of the last few years, you have to vote for Hillary; but, as Trump said, if the voters want a fresh start they have to vote for him.

“Perhaps, most curious was that terror got treated as shopkeepers deal with shoplifting: better security, but essentially cost of doing business,” Batra said. Indian American, Shalabh Kumar of the Republican Hindu Coalition said Trump won the debate.

“Sixer in Cricket. Touch down in American Football. Home Run in Baseball. Phenomenal incredible WOW, what a night,” Kumar said in a brief statement. 
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