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Indian-American Neera Tanden to debut on national stage

Indian-American Neera Tanden would make her political debut on national stage when she stands behind the lectern to address thousands of delegates of the Democratic party and its top leadership here tonight.

Currently, president of Center for American Progress, a progressive public policy research and advocacy organisation based in Washington DC, Tanden is a close confident of Hillary Clinton, the Democratic presidential nominee, and highly speculated as a potential cabinet appointee in her administration. So far, Tanden, 45, is the only Indian-American to have been invited by the Democratic leadership and the Clinton Campaign to address the ongoing Democratic National Convention. “I expect to have a full unified party over the next couple of day,” Tanden told a group of Indian reporters on the eve of her address Convention.

She was a key member of the Democratic Platform Committee and the only Indian-American on this. Tanden, who has played important role in shaping some of the key policy issues of the Party, the Obama Administration and the Clinton Campaign alleged that the rhetoric of Donald Trump, the Republican presidential nominee, has been “very hateful”. “He has been very antagonistic towards all immigrants. He does not has a very clear picture of who an American is. And I do not think that that is really welcoming among the South Asian community. You will see in Hillary’s speech really welcoming everyone and that includes Indo-Americans, includes South Asians and great diversity of the country,” Tanden said. 
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