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Indian-American gets 100,000 for selling winning lottery ticket

An Indian-American beer shop owner in Pennsylvania will get a whopping $100,000 for selling a $131.5 million-winning lottery ticket. Gary Patel, 30, who immigrated to the US from India as a teenager, said he would give the amount as a bonus to the three employees of his shop.

The winner of the lottery ticket has not been identified yet. Father of twin babies, Patel came to know about his jackpot - the commission that he would get for his store selling the mega lottery ticket - when an official of Pennsylvania Lottery visited his store to ensure that the ticket was sold from his store.

‘You sold the Powerball ticket? Congrats, Gary!’ customer Kim Morfiah said - actually, yelled at the top of her lungs - to Patel from the store’s doorway. ‘Oh, my God, somebody in the ‘hood is rich!,’ the customer was quoted as saying by Philly News. ‘Which is good. ‘It’s getting crazy . . . uh, I don’t like pictures,’ replied Patel.
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