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‘India now entering the Asia equation’

‘India now entering  the Asia equation’
India is now entering the Asia equation currently dominated by China, former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger has said, days after President Barack Obama’s successful visit to the country.

A special aspect of any Asian system will be the relationship between the US and China, Kissinger told members of the Senate Armed Services Committee during a Congressional hearing yesterday.

“Now India is entering this equation. With vast economic potential, a vibrant democracy, and cultural links to Asia, the Middle East, and the West, India plays a growing role that the United States will naturally welcome. The emphasis should be on social and political alignments, not strategic groupings,” Kissinger said. Kissinger, 91, said the equation between United States and China is often described as one between a rising power and an established power.

“Two successive American and Chinese presidents have announced their joint aim to deal with this matter on the basis of cooperation. Significant spokesmen in both countries have stressed the adversarial aspect. The direction taken will play a defining role in our period,” Kissinger said.
He noted in Asia, many economies and societies are flourishing.


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