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‘India needs pen, plough and sweat’

‘India needs pen, plough and sweat’
Those skills were in full display on Thursday when BJP’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi did three back-to-back rallies in Jharkhand (Gumla) and in Bihar (Gaya and Sasaram). The rallies were like musical concerts where gargantuan crowds gathered to hear their beloved leader.

Modi, who has emerged as the choice of the masses, despite being harassed for so many years by the UPA government over several issues, while addressing the Bharat Vijay rallies at Gumla and Chatra in Jharkhand said, ‘Our land needs the colour of progress not the colour of blood. Let these lands become green due to the work of farmers.’ He said, ‘Let the lotus bloom for 14
seats of Jharkhand.’

While appealing to the Maoists to drop their guns and stop spreading terror, Modi urged them to pick up the plough and the pen, and work towards bringing development. ‘Those who had taken the Maoist route of terrorism and killings should follow the path of peace,’ he said.

He expressed his concern that youths being inspired by Maoism have taken up the gun in their hands and are spilling blood on the streets. ‘Maoists must not have the gun in their hands, instead they must have agriculture tools and pens so that they can serve others,’ Modi said.

‘Raasta kalam, hal aur pasine ka hai, khoon ka nahi (Pen, Plough and Sweat can bring progress and not bloodshed),’ reinstated Modi who recalled party veteran leader Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s relentless efforts towards the formation of Jharkhand state.

He claimed that had the Congress been in power all through, Jharkhand would never have been formed. ‘So many Congress governments came but they never bothered about Jharkhand. Do not forget that Pandit Nehru had mocked the idea of creation of Jharkhand. It was Atal ji who gave us Jharkhand,’ said Modi.

He alleged that Congress never took the concerns of tribal people seriously. ‘If there is any party that can serve the tribal communities it is the BJP,’ Modi said. He added it was during Vajpayee’s government, the formation of a separate ministry and budget for the development of tribals were done.

‘It is unfortunate that despite being blessed with natural resources, the youth of Jharkhand had to go to other states in search of employment, and this was only due to the lack of neeti and neeyat (policy and intention) on the part of the state and the Central government, he said.
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