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India improved under sardar’s leadership: Fuerste

London Olympics champion, Germany captain Mortitz Fuerste feels that the Indian hockey team has improved a lot under inspirational Sardar Singh’s leadership but the side needs to adapt to the playing styles of top international teams to become a force to reckon with.’The Indian team has a lot of skills. It’s always fun to watch them play. In Sardar Singh, they have a good leader and the young guys like Manpreet (Singh) and others are learning from him,’ Fuerste said. ‘But the Indian team should learn from other international sides. They should work hard and try to adapt as much as from international teams. They should be open to new style of play and work on their weaknesses. If they really want it, there will be a way to reach it,’ added the 2012 FIH Player of the Year. The German skipper said Sardar was rightly nominated for the 2012 FIH Player of the Year award along side him, Australian Jamie Dwyer, Fuerste’s team-mate Tobias Hauke and Netherlands’ Robert van der Horst.

‘Sardar had a great year and it was a well-deserved nomination for him,’ he said. Fuerste, HIL’s one of the most expensive players with USD 83,950, was amazed to see the craze for hockey in India and said the situation is just opposite in his own country. ‘I have never experienced so much attention for hockey in India. Even German media, which does not care about hockey usually, seemed highly interested in the HIL. So, I think it’s going to be a big step for Indian hockey,’ Fuerste said. The opening HIL match sees Delhi Wave Riders host the Jaypee Punjab Warriors in Delhi.
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