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India connects with US over ‘anti-Islam’ film

India is in touch with the US over an anti-Islam film that has sparked widespread protests in many Muslim countries, said an Indian official Sunday adding that Google has blocked access to the video in compliance with Indian laws.

Syed Akbaruddin, spokesperson of the external affairs ministry, said: 'In connection with recent events we would like to reiterate that India has always strongly condemned all acts that disparage religious beliefs and hurt religious sentiments.

'The ministry of external affairs is in touch with US officials who share our concerns on the matter. Google India has, in compliance with Indian law, blocked access to the offensive material,' the spokesperson said, according to a statement. A clip of the film, titled.

The Innocence of Muslims, posted on YouTube sparked anger among Muslims for its content disparaging Prophet Mohammad. The US ambassador to Libya, Christopher Stevens, was killed in a rocket attack on the embassy as part of violent protests against the film earlier this week.
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