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India among those nations poaching US jobs: Trump

Donald Trump, the controversial Republican presidential front-runner, has added India to the list of countries that he says are ripping off jobs from the US and has pledged to bring them back if elected president.

"What I did on June 16, we came out and we started talking about trade, how we're being ripped off with China, ripped off with Japan, ripped off with Mexico at the border and then trade, ripped off by Vietnam, and by India, and by every country," Trump told his supporters at a massive rally in Las Vegas attended by thousands of people.

"Every single country because they're all represented by these people that we think are representing us. That's why when I say I am self-funding, folks, it means much more than you think. It means much more, I'm telling you," he said.

After jumping into the presidential race last June, Trump has been regularly singling out China, Japan and Mexico and occasionally Vietnam for taking away American jobs.

This is for the second time in three days that Trump has blamed countries like India for taking aways jobs of Americans. However, Trump has been much harsher on China than any other country during his electioneering rhetoric.

"We are going to take our jobs back from China and all of these other countries," he said. "I have a friend, he's a great contractor, and he's a great merchandiser, and he cannot get his product into China. No matter what he does, he can't," he said.
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