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Independence day 2- A Worthy Watch

Though the sequel comes after two decades, it fulfills the expectations of the moviegoers. Like ‘Independence Day’, this movie also revolves around saving the world from the invasion of the aliens. 

However the new movie comes up with different creative ideas and different casts, but it still does not fully mingle the old and new faces.

Ronald Emmerich, a screen writer and producer, acclaimed worldwide for his unimaginable scale of catastrophic movies, gives his power pact shot to all the science fiction lovers.

 In this movie, the United Nations create an Earth Space Defense (ESD) system which sends early warning signals to protect the world from alien attack. In spite of defense system, aliens attack their place and try to conquer and destroy the world. 

The movie starts off smoothly, twenty years from the previous film, now when Steven Hiller (Will Smith’s character) is a deceased war hero, his son Dylan meets the President of USA before leaving on a mission to supervise the defense system on Moon where  Jake (played by Liam) is already present as a U.S. pilot serving in ESD. 

The movie paces off quickly in the second half and is very interesting to watch the war between the mankind and the attacking aliens.  The performance by the cast is quite impressive. Jeff Goldblum as a scientist, MIT-educated computer expert, and environmental activist, fits his character of David Levinson perfectly.

 Liam Hemsworth’s screen presence had been spectacular and he had done justice to his character Jake Morrison. The background music makes the story more realistic and appealing. With massive explosions and the intelligent use of modern technologies, the story absorbs the audience’s attention completely. 

The cinematography and the special effects complements the story quite beautifully which therefore brings in a sense of reality. One must watch the movie in 3D to experience its beauty, with the jet planes swooshing past and the debris scattering around you during the explosions.

Emmerich has gone all out to recapture his 1996 spell and for most of the part, he succeeds. Co-writer and producer Dean Devlin and Emmerich have provided their audience, with a set of next generation earth defenders. The movie will be a visual treat for the kids this weekend, as well as sci-fi lovers.
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