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Inching towards an irrelevant politics

Is cadre-based politics past its prime? Are herds tethered to one, unchanging ideological mooring likely to perish, falling hopelessly out of step with the contemporary realities? Gradually, this is exactly what appears to be the case, whether it is the Hindutva-toting Sangh Parivar or the sickle and hammer communist parties. More and more, a well-rounded and well-grounded brand of politics that is sufficiently married to a vision of change and development, growth and well being, is usurping the old modes. In other words, the cadre-driven, uncritical and unreflective style of politics, which is primed on demagoguery and shared codes, is facing a wipeout, at least in the bustling metropolises, cities and townships. Intermittently apolitical, the urban centres are now opting for a more informed and citizenry-driven politics that does not ask for unconditional support. Moreover, public accountability and a sense of service are gradually coming back to the political system, with new entrants in the fray that are in the process of redrawing the contours and reorganising the state-citizen relationship.

In this light, whether it’s the RSS or the (CPI, CPI-M, it holds equally true for them that spewing an ideology bereft of present-day realities, out of sync with the needs and aspirations of the people, particularly the young and the work force, is not going to reap dividends any longer. The transition from a faceless cadre to an active and informed participant in the civic-state nexus is gaining traction with every passing day. Hence, the appeal of an Arvind Kejriwal, who gives the aam aadmi hopes which are of both economic and political betterment. Hence also the trouble ahead for Narendra Modi, who must distance himself from the Sangh Parivar if he has to become the face of a globalising India after the 2014 Lok Sabha polls.               

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