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In structures and dimensions

In structures and dimensions
The essence of art lies in how an individual artist negotiates between the limitations of matter and space, giving his or her work a capacity of entering the sphere of expression beyond mere experience and perception.

Each of the sculptors of this show does just that and each work goes beyond the individual, his or her geographical moorings and personal perception and enters the stream of our art historical tradition that takes us back to the supple figure of the Mohenjodaro dancing girl and to the movement embodied in many headed animal seals of Harappa, or the arms of the dancing Nataraja of the Chola bronzes and the composite figures of Ganesha and Ardhanareshwara, embodying the unity of the flow of life beyond  the individuals that make it up.

In the present exhibition the materials used range from painted fibre glass, to aluminium, bronze, iron nut and steel.  The human figure is a pre-eminent theme with a wide variety of iconic works of K S Radhakrishnan, MJ Enas, Srinivas Reddy, Sheela Chamaria and Varsha Athor. The blend of the human form and circular motion characterizes the work of Apurva Desai, Ankit Patel, Gagan Vij and Arun Pandit.

The works which have been chosen reflect the force and flow of life arrived at by evolving a relation between the many forms of matter and the human spirit that gives them the unity we call art. The depth and originality of this synthesis in each artist’s work reflects the many ways of negotiating between materials and expression with a technical excellence inherited from our rich artistic tradition.

The sculptors in the show have studied at different centres making the putting together of this exhibition a rewarding experience. Check it out!

WHEN: 21 Dec till 29 Dec, 11am till 7pm (Mondays closed)
WHERE: NIVASA Furniture Art, 27, Meherchand Market, Jor Bagh
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