In search of Love

In search  of Love
Everyone seeks love, but barely recognise what love is or the countless ways it can thrive. True love involves all beautiful virtues of friendship and is like magic. Love can transform one’s life and fill it with sweetness and grace. But sadly, the artist says that we hardly step into our inner world to enjoy that depth of love, it is the language that every heart speaks and understands, which cannot be expressed in words.

“I have tried to express the feeling of love through my paintings. I have created a mystery in each of my artwork for the viewers to unfold in their own way. Love has motivated me to express my dreams and thoughts into action in the form of my exquisite paintings,” said the artist.

“Mystery of Love” resolves around the notion of mystic womanhood which is powerful beyond measure and beautiful beyond description. The paintings represent the understanding of love from a feminine point of view and has some amounts of surrealism to them. One may explore the “Mystery of Love” through this personal portrayal of the most sought after word in the globe.


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