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In retrospect

In retrospect
Like all the painters of the Progressive Artists Group, Gade revolted against the traditions of academic art, which the British education system had clamped on Indian art education. He believed in an unconventional and dynamic artistic style. He had a commendable intuitive understanding of the pictorial dimensions of color, and as often referred as a painters’ painter.

Gade was born in 1917 at Amravati in Maharashtra, India. He studied science at the University of Nagpur where he enrolled in 1939 with the Nagpur School of Art. He taught at Jabalpur’s Spencer Training College for five years before completing a Diploma and then a Masters in Art during 1949-50. He later enrolled for a year at the Central Institute of Education, New Delhi in 1958.
Visual imagery is the best medium to reflect the truth and Gade’s effort were always to converse the reality via his paintings.

Head over and experience the color of Gade to relish his cherished dream and sense the adventure which artist had gone to create the wonderful masterpieces.

WHEN: On till 10 February
WHERE: Dhoomimal Gallery, G-42 Connaught Place
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