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In remote areas, pensioners bear the brunt of cash shortage

Lack of cash is not only creating hassles for people in the city but causing even greater difficulties in the remote areas of Gurugram. Old pensioners in the district who are depend on cash transactions for their daily purchases have faced a major impact.

Their challenges increase especially when many people are eager to draw money from the bank. At Ferozepur Namak village of Nuh Tehsil in Mewat district near Gurugram, aged pensioners have complained that they are not able to draw their pensions due to shortage of cash. 

The aged people who are solely dependent on their pension deposited in a public bank not only have to face the challenges of regularly standing in long queues but also the disappointment of not being able to draw their money. 

There were reports of the aged pensioners with support of villagers blocking the Delhi-Alwar highway 
on Saturday to register their protest after they were told that there is no money in the bank. It is only after the intervention of the police that the protesters were finally calmed down.

There are estimated fourteen ATMs in the Nuh district. However, they too are without cash most of the times leading to the citizens relying on the banking institutions.

The senior bank officials in the Nuh district have stated that the bank is short of cash and there is a requirement of more cash.
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