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In love with uncle, girl tries to kill brother

In love with uncle, girl tries to kill brother
In true Bollywood style, a 22-year-old girl shot at her brother in north-west Delhi’s Subhash Place earlier this week, for objecting to her relationship with their paternal uncle. The police has arrested the accused and the uncle.

‘BA second-year student Swati Mishra, who hails from Uttar Pradesh’s Unnao district, was arrested after she confessed to the assault on her brother on the provocation of her uncle, Anil Mishra. Anil has also been arrested and a country-made pistol with fired cartridge has been recovered,’ said P Karunakaran, deputy commissioner of police [North-west].

‘Swati was in love with Anil, who taught her motorcycle riding and use of firearms. Swati’s brother Nitin found out about the illicit relationship and was furious,’ Karunakaran said.

Nitin prohibited Swati from seeing Anil, but she did not stop. Nitin then put prohibition on Swati from out of the house without his permission for almost two months. ‘The niece and the uncle, however, were still in touch and during this period, Anil persuaded Swati to get rid of her brother,’ Karunakaran added.

Meanwhile, Swati apparently watched the Bollywood movie Ishaqzaade and got inspired, as the protagonist of the movie was shown using a gun. Drawing inspiration, Swati and Anil planned to kill Nitin and carried out the attack on Wednesday.

Nitin had brought her to a relative’s house in Shakarpur to arrange for her marriage on Monday. On Wednesday, Swati quietly went to Nitin’s room, where he was sleeping, and shot him at point blank range.

Nitin was admitted to Bhagwan Mahavir Hospital in Pitampura. He survived the assault, despite being shot in the head at close range.

Nitin told police that he had come to visit his relative in Shakarpur with his sister Swati. ‘He was sleeping when he felt pain in his head and woke up. He was shocked to see blood oozing out of his head,’ Karunakaran added.

Other family members in the house confirmed having heard a gunshot, and accordingly, an attempt to murder case was lodged with Subhash Place police station.

During initial probe, all family members present in the house were interrogated, as nothing was stolen and the entry of the assailant seemed friendly. ‘Moreover, it was clear that the assailant was well acquainted with topography of the house as well as surroundings,’ Karunakaran said.

The needle of suspicion pointed towards Swati’s involvement, as she looked least concerned with the injuries caused to her brother. Moreover, at the time of the assault, other family members had seen her standing near the staircase leading to Nitin’s room.

On sustained interrogation, Swati confessed that she shot at her brother to kill him and that Anil was the mastermind behind the crime. Swati also revealed that Anil gave her a loaded country-made pistol almost 20-25 days ago and told her to carry out the attack as soon as possible.
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