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In Kanpur, Shah takes swipe at Akhilesh, attacks Mayawati

Taking a swipe at Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav, BJP President Amit Shah on Friday said he cannot be expected to run the state when he cannot handle his extended family and also attacked BSP chief Mayawati over her and her brother’s alleged corruption.

Speaking at the conclusion of Buddhist monk Bhikhu Dhammaviryo’s Dhamma Chetna yatra, which was backed by BJP and seen as an attempt to dent Dalit support base of Mayawati, he asked her to declare her and her brother’s current assets and how much they were when BSP founder Kanshi Ram had declared her as his successor.

Wooing Dalits, he claimed only BJP works for their development while they are harassed when Samajwadi Party is in power and exploited when BSP rules.

The policies of the Modi government are aimed at the welfare of Dalits, backwards and the poor, he said, highlighting its move to develop places associated with Dalit icon B R Ambedkar.

“What did SP, BSP and Congress do for Ambedkar and seven places associated with him? BSP government was formed to implement policies for the welfare of Dalits, backwards and the poor. But what happened? They remained where they were but assets of Mayawati multiplied many times. “Mayawati should say how much were her and her brother’s assets when Kashi Ram declared her as his successor and how much are they now. Dalits will get to know her reality if she does so,” he told a public meeting.

He also targeted the ruling Samajwadi Party over alleged corruption and poor law and order while taking potshots at Akhilesh over the feud in the ruling Yadav clan. “Someone who cannot handle his family cannot be expected to handle the state. Samajwadi Party cannot deal with the state’s poor law and order,” he said, asserting that only BJP is capable of developing Uttar Pradesh.
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