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In Gurugram patience and hope giving way to anger

Patience and hope is  now giving way to anger and dissatisfaction for citizens of Gurugram who continue to face the challenges of shortage of cash even after 34 days of the announcement of demonetisation.

With banks being closed for 3 days, the citizens in Gurugram were dependent on ATM’s for dispersal of cash. However, they were left disappointed as most of the ATM’s were out of cash or out of service. 

The one’s which were functional witnessed long queues and disgruntled citizens.  

With incidents now coming from the city of bank professionals being in cahoots with the corrupt in turning the black money into white, hope and patience of the citizens of Gurugram has given way to disappointment and anger over lack of planning, poor services of banks and nepotism. 

Recently in a case, two officials of HDFC bank were booked by the city Police after it was observed that were involved in converting the old black currency notes into new ones.  A bank manager from a public sector bank has allegedly been suspended after there were reports of money laundering levelled against him.

“ I was supportive of the demonetisation move earlier however after 34 days, my patience and support is gradually waning. Here I am toiling to get my own money and there i see that lakhs of money is been recovered in new currency notes. Why should I not believe that this demonetisation move is now turning out to be a big scam ?”  said Vineet Nayar who had come on Monday to draw his money at an ATM in Sikanderpur area.
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