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What have been the achievements of the University so far? Also, enlighten us about the prospective forefront of education?

Shiv Nadar University is envisaged to be an enduring global center of excellence in higher education that is learner-centric and anchored in research and innovation, driven by an outstanding faculty, and supported by national and international academic partnerships.

  After a remarkable beginning in 2011 and a phenomenal growth, the University has now entered a phase of consolidation. It can now boast of a truly multidisciplinary character, and in this setting, the academic programmes have started flourishing with progressive interdisciplinary and research-led learning.

 The University has also generated tremendous momentum for advancement on an accelerated path. There are no short-cuts to excellence -- it is the collective effort of the faculty, administrative staff, students and our partners that will get us closer to achieving our dream. I look forward to working with all SNUites and walk with our well-wishers in this challenging journey towards our goal.

Tell us about campus security, keeping in mind the concern for women safety.

The University is built on 286 acres, has a complete residential campus with one of  the best-in-class infrastructure and facilities. As the campus is growing both in terms of  residents and infrastructure. Safety and security become important for us who live, work,  and study here.

 The campus has boundary walls with security guards deployed all  over the campus for guarding and controlling ingress and egress. There is round-the-clock security throughout the year to ensure safety of all students, faculty, staff,  outsourced manpower, as well as visitors. 

The university has developed good relationships in the neighborhood and with other Administrative and Governing authorities within and outside the area of University operations. The University also has a comprehensive  outreach programme for its neighborhood to map them into the principles and governing  philosophies of our vision of inclusive growth.

 The security on campus is intense but non-obtrusive and well connected through a portable wireless system, monitored round the  clock. The Administration Department operates campus security and safety including HSE (Health Safety and Environment) at all times and provides relief in unplanned  incidents much outside the campus radius to its students, faculty, and staff.

 In addition to  campus patrols, the university has many safety programs in place including HSE committee, a campus-wide notification system for all concerned for updates, and whistle-alert programme. 

The primary objective of the administrative department is to provide a safe and secure campus which encourages research led education and promote environment awareness.

How important is the value of one’s institution during admission? What has been the rate of placements?

The University offers an undergraduate curriculum that is unique and unprecedented in India. The curriculum is designed to allow students to major in a particular subject while also studying and experimenting with a range of other minor and elective subjects.

 This allows every student to pick and choose a wide spectrum of subjects in sync with their passions. All undergraduate students must successfully complete a minimum of 120 credit hours of formal coursework to fulfill the credit requirements of a Baccalaureate degree at SNU.

 However, the actual number of credits required to earn a specific degree may vary depending on disciplinary requirements and the individual degree program pursued by a student. The University integrates research, and training in the conduct of research, into the undergraduate curriculum across all disciplines. 

To fulfill their degree requirements undergraduate students must take at least 18 credits in the courses. The requirements can be fulfilled through several different types of courses, projects, work, and service opportunities. The placements have been very good in the last few years, and I am glad to share that our students are working in the most prestigious companies in India and abroad.

Tell us about the infrastructure of the University.

The University has one of the best-in-class infrastructure and facilities on the campus. The University is equipped with Electronics Laboratory, Communication Systems Laboratory, and Digital Signal Processing Laboratory, Integrated Circuits Laboratory, High Voltage Laboratory, Virtual Instrumentation and Signal Processing Laboratory, Dynamics Laboratory, CAD CAM Laboratory and many more which are necessary for the respective departments along with modern computer clusters. 

These laboratories assist in imparting practical training to students and reinforcing their theoretical concepts. It also makes the University a veritable place for learning and research, while the systematically designed curriculum and qualified dedicated faculty members make it a dynamic place to study. 

 The undergraduate curriculum at SNU also places heavy emphasis on experiential learning and co-curricular activities with all students having to participate in some form of internship, practicum or service learning programme in addition to conducting research both within and outside the classroom/laboratory setting. 

This provides students a real-world context for their learning along with subject matter expertise and broad-based education. The overall structure of SNU's undergraduate curriculum is designed to foster students' ability to integrate critical thinking, interpretive skills, scientific exploration and normative principles into their worldview and prepare them as future leaders in a complex, changing, and unpredictable world. 

The central library has an extensive collection of books, scientific and technical journals and electronic reference material, which is updated regularly. The Library and Information Centre consists of a Reference Section, Circulation Section, Audio-visual Section, Periodical Section, Book Bank and Digital Library. The library is housed in a huge block. In addition to the central library, each department has its own library too.

Kindly share some parting words of wisdom for the applicants in the next cycle.

We are in pursuit of academic excellence with integrity in an environment of collaboration, collegiality, and civility, where there is freedom of inquiry and creation of an intellectual environment conducive to free, open, and respectful exchange of ideas. 

Recognition and respect for the diversity of people and ideas, a rational spirit of inclusiveness, a global perspective, and a sense of community as essential conditions for campus life. We are committed to social justice and public service as the foundation of individual, educational, social, and economic development.

 Engaged in teaching and learning based on dialogue, student involvement, and experiential learning, the professors are responsible stewardship in thoughtful reflection, collaboration, planning, and evaluation as essential for meeting the changing needs of India and the global community. 

(Puja Banerjee is Editorial Coordinator, Millennium Post)

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