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In anticipation

In anticipation
How do I stop biting my nails?
Revathi, New Delhi

It is a decision that you need to take. You have to keep reminding yourself of the hazards it will lead to. There will be health issues because of bacteria and infection. To distract yourself, you surely can try painting the nails with a dark polish. To begin, you can also restrict your temptation by biting the nail of one particular finger and let the others grow. Initially it might be difficult yet you can, if only you want. You can develop a set of ‘distractors’ to use whenever you feel a craving to bite your nails like reading, going for a stroll, speaking on the phone. Reducing stress through relaxation exercises may also help. Wish you the mental strength to overcome the ugly habit.
I want a dog at home but my dad isn’t permitting! What should I do?
Tushaar, West Bengal

No matter how desperate you are, as long as you are living in your dad’s house, you have to go by your dad’s rule. I’m sure your dad has his reasons for not wanting a dog and you have to respect that. It would not be fair to the dog as they are very sensitive and lack of love will affect him too. When you get older, get your own place and can support yourself and your pet, then you can do what you want. Until then, live with the dream and love all the dogs around you.
My mother still treats me like a little boy! She pampers me in public and embarrasses me in front of my friends and relatives! I’m 20 and feel horrible!
P.J, Haryana

Make her sit down and explain her what irritates you. If need be, route it through your father or any other elder member of your family. Sometimes parents always think that we are children and act accordingly. It is her love that she showers on you. Don’t be rude but act maturely to handle this. You are lucky to have loving parents. There are many who are deprived of this. So, handle her with love and I’m sure she will understand your point of view.

I had stolen some cash from my father’s wallet and he had hit our maid for that. It’s been many weeks but the guilt is chasing me. What to do?
Name unknown, Ghaziabad

Just write a small note of apology to your father and explain what you have been going through for the last few weeks. Apologise profusely to the maid too. If not directly, do ensure that you be a better human and be extra nice always. Mistakes can be rectified anytime and this will help you lead a heathier life. Don’t let guilt settle in. Face it to overcome it. It’s never too late to be ‘sorry’ or ‘thankful’. Best wishes!

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