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In all this hustle bustle

10 Oscar nominations. Of course the movie means serious business, it cannot be otherwise. Going neck to neck with Gravity, American Hustle is a whole different ballgame and like most ballgames, it is sheer pleasure (apologies for the bad one liner).

Director David O’Russell gets his best out of the arsenal for this one. Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence from his Silver Linings Playbook, and Christian Bale and Amy Adams from The Fighter - each movie stellar in its own right. Also with actors like that, Russell assures that nothing goes wrong. Throw in a Robert De Niro and Jeremy Renner and ladies and gentlemen we have a potential Oscar magnet.

Irving Rosenfeld (a panchy Christian Bale) is a conman and a part time dry cleaner. He has a rather disgruntled wife Rosalyn (Jennifer Lawrence) who has an incredible knack of setting things on fire. But marital status no matter, Irving has his roll in the hay with Sydney (Amy Adams). Sydney joins hands with Irving posing as Lady Edith Greensley, a British aristocrat, so as they can con better.

All’s well till FBI agent Richard DiMaso (Bradley Cooper with his curls) saunters into the scene and Irving and Sydney are arm twisted to work for the FBI so as they can bait the bigger fish in the con-sea. So welcome to the world of power brokers and the mafia and yes, plunging necklines.

There’s Carmine Polito (Jeremy Renner) the mayor of Camden who also gets pulled into the mash-up of craziness - he will do anything to see his town flourish; as Irving, Richard and Sydney try to weed their way out through fake Arab mobsters (Robert De Niro) and life in general.

American Hustle was one of the most awaited movies this year and we weren’t disappointed. Based loosely on the Abscam that rocked America a few decades back, the director has made sure that ample work was done on the make-up and sets front to make each character live out their roles. And being great actors, they have aced their screen times extensively.

Bale as Irving is a far cry from being Bruce Wayne, a good few pounds heavier and with a wig, he physically takes over the screen space and fills it up with his character.

Cooper as DiMaso is also miles from the demi god that he looks in Silver Linings and Hangover. As a wannabe FBI legend, DiMaso means business and so does Cooper.

Amy Adams plays Sydney with some stunning sexual flair and slithers in and out of scenes marvelously.

But Jennifer Lawrence is our favourite here (you can blame personal bias for this). She kills it as a maniac depressive, alcoholic 70’s housewife who for the love of things cannot figure out why her husband won’t talk to her.

American Hustle becomes all about this mobius strip of wanting and not getting. At the end of the day all the glorious grey characters hustle their way to their wants, or what they think they want. No blacks or whites.

And we all know that people can go to any extents to get what they want - at least these guys surely can and will. Mind you, they are naturals!
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