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In a first, Bengal set to digitise land records

In a first, Bengal set to digitise land records
West Bengal will be the first state to completely digitise its land records, transfer and mutation process effective March 2015. This has been made possible following the state government’s focused attention to create transparent and user friendly land record system in the state in collaboration with the National Informatics Centre, West Bengal.

Wide Area Networking (WAN) based computing is being used to provide the necessary integration of land record verification, registration, updation of record and mutation services.  The system is expected to work seamlessly between the local registration office and the central server. Local Registration office will provide the status of Record along with assessment slip. This generates an alert to the purchaser to know the Recorded owner of the property. The cost of mutation fee is also printed.

Next the Deed is registered on presentation following the existing procedures. Mutation fee is also collected. The details of transaction is sent to the LR central server and mutation case is automatically filed.

“This saves time, creates transparency and cuts down any possible harassment of the buyer and seller,” P K Pramanik, Deputy DG of NIC, West Bengal. The concerned land official would know of the arrival of a case on his computer. Procedure as existing then can be followed to generates hearing notice, and after hearing the final disposition.

West Bengal government had initiated digitization of 68,386 map sheets in 2008. Initially the activity was slow but picked up in the last three years with the support of the state government. NIC has completed available 62000 map sheets. Since rest of the map sheets were found to be not in good condition these were prepared from its RS version by updating the same in manual mode.

The digitisation is made in layers such as area, line and point which are termed as “GIS ready digitisation”.

State did not give priority to the projection part of the map sheet, as the simple aim was to provide individual plot map along with ROR, then make digital updation of map with the help of distance measurement and also to make the cadastral map available to public on demand on immediate basis.
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