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Imagination flying high

Imagination flying high
International Aviation Conclave presents Anti Gravity - an exhibition on aviation art conceptualized by artiste Ankur Rana.  The Exhibition is first of its kind in the Aviation Industry. It highlights different forms of expression by envisioning the challenges the Industry has gone through since beginning till now. Development co-operation is taking place under global conditions that are very different from those of 50 years ago. The exhibition is being held at International Aviation Conclave at the Capital's Pragati Maidan from December 11-13.

Participating artistes are Ankur Rana, Rajesh Ram, Ramesh Kumar, Manish Barodia, Durga Kainthola, Saudamini Mishra, Vijit Sharma, Harish Oja, Sonal Varshneya, Radha Dhaka, Biswajit Das. This “high art” and the colorful, rich and memorable experiences have been put together by artistes to create an exhibition worthy of “Aviation” in India’s first International Aviation Conclave. This Aviation Art show is conceptualized by artist Ankur Rana with a series of Artworks on aviation with some of his associated artists.

Ankur Rana’s maps out in his various paintings that new relationships can be built between the past and present, between miles across the globe, between different races and cultures – by Foreign Direct investment and Bi-lateral Trade in the Aviation Industry. His planes on various canvases showcase the ancient and modern planes. Rana’s skyscapes highlight realistic forms of airplanes since inception. His visualization goes not only beyond the bygone years but also highlight the progress made in recent years of spacecrafts. He explores both the interior and exterior of his place.

These skyscapes reflect what we all experience during air journey and through these he walks you through that real feeling. The different forms, compositions of colors jostle for prominence. One can feel the anti-gravitational force in Rana’s visuals!

The work of Vijit Sharma– spread out and sorted on to the canvas - has a three dimensional effect, while “Udaan” an etching by Sonal Varshney, connects with the role that aviation plays in the travel industry. There is lot of hope, anxiety and joy in her work. The Wooden Airplanes sculpted by Saudamin Mishra take us beyond its work. Their inner energies reflect that growth of the country’s economy and that bilateral trade is important and dependent on monies. Hence, the artist’s planes are full of currency patterns (the US Dollar and the Indian Rupee), which possess a narrative of their own! Harish Ojha’s acrylic on canvas “Victory” contains symbolism from his experience of seeing a plane in day-to-day life. while the  steel sculpture by Ramesh Ram “Dream Cloud” focuses on a child’s dream to rise high like the clouds. 

The bronze figurine shows her wings upwards – ready to alight and look beyond. Radha Dhaka’s work “Wings of Desire” depict we all want to achieve our desires by using the wings of thought to fly higher. On the other hand Durga Kainthola’s painting has a background of Doughlas DC-4 Aircraft which portrays one of the first postage stamps of Independent India in 1947 and was meant to be put on foreign airmail letters only.

Where: International Aviation Conclave, Hall No-7, ITPO, Pragati Maidan
When: On till December 13
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