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IM using media intelligence to chart out terror strike

Sources in investigation agencies told Millennium Post, ‘A small group consisting of around six to seven operatives was specifically formed in 2004. The group was named as Usaba that has the top commanders of IM as the group members.’

Usaba was formed by Yasin Bhatkal, co-founder of IM who was arrested by National Investigation Agency (NIA) from Indo-Nepal border on 28 August 2013. Proper elections were carried out within the group members to elect the head of Usaba. Based on the votes of around 15 operatives, Iqbal Bhatkal was selected as ‘Amir’ (head).

‘Sultan, another IM operative and member of Usaba was assigned to collect news clips about the current status and issues of Muslims living in India. The news are supposed to be collected from newspapers, news channels, online portals. Also, IM is having few sources in media from whom Sultan was instructed to fetch inside details,’ sources said.

Based on the latest issues related to Muslim community, Bhatkal brothers and Yasin used to plan the place to execute terror strikes. ‘Every month a comprehensive report is being prepared by other members who are the office bearer of the group. Further meeting used to held where other operatives get united and were motivated to fight against kaafirs (other than Muslims),’ the source added.

He further said that IM is also interested to get the details of Narendra Modi. On the basis of the confession made by Yasin Bhatkal, Millennium Post had earlier reported that Modi was their target since Gujarat riots.

Recently, NIA has arrested an IM operative who was working in a Hindi newspaper as a reporter. He was arrested from Ranchi and he confessed that he was assigned to give details about Muslim community along with other political issues. ‘Riyaz Bhatkal used to do media management. After each terror strike, Riyaz along with Afeef, another operative, used to keep a close watch on media. They used to read most of the newspapers, watch television to keep a tab on the investigation by the concerned authorities,’ the source said.
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