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I’ll miss Delhi: Chhaya Sharma

In an exclusive interview to Millennium Post before leaving Delhi, Chhaya Sharma, former deputy commissioner of police (South)- IPS batch of 1999, who was recently transferred to Mizoram, echoed the sentiments of her former superior, Delhi police chief Neeraj Kumar, when she said, 'Good work is never projected well by media.’ Sharma was answering a question of what she considered as the bad memories of working in the capital.

'I'll miss Delhi! No doubt.. I am a Delhi girl through and through,' Sharma said on the last day of her tenure in Delhi. 'As a cop I can say that, Delhi has the best infrastructure, best policing practices and outstandingly diligent and passionate team members to work with. The courts are a delight. And as a woman I can say that I love shopping in Sarojini Nagar market and have the
in Bengali market. It is a place to be for the young and happening,' she said, while describing the national capital.

Sharma summarised  her memories of working in Delhi in one line - ‘Each moment of pain and pleasure is cherished, close to my heart, as all my work was done passionately’. When asked about the pressure she faced during her tenure in what is considered as the capital’s poshest district, south Delhi, she said, 'If one is conscientious about one’s work, the pressure to perform is always there. I enjoyed every minute of my tenure in the city's poshest and most happening district.

When questioned whether she had ever broken down while investigating a case, especially crimes committed against women Sharma replied, 'No, Never! I am first and foremost a police official and my job is to catch criminals and put them behind bars. My job is not to get emotional.' She added however, that it was a challenge when one is sensitive, ‘but it motivates me to work that much harder on finding the criminals’.

Being a strong woman and a strong cop, Sharma handled the 16 December gang rape as the 'rarest of rare' crime, and not just another case. Finding and arresting the accused in that case has been, she says, the ‘most satisfying work of her career’.

Sharma added, 'The pressure was unique, challenge big and it called for a superhuman effort from every member of my team.’

Being born and brought up in Delhi, Sharma is not unaware of the problem women face in the capital and suggests Delhi women should learn how to defend themselves and take precautions while travelling alone. 'For ages, women have been vulnerable even at home. But they need to take basic precautions to safeguard themselves. It may just require careful choice of time, venue and the people you go out with,' she added.

The top five cases that Sharma says she will always remember being involved in, during her tenure in Delhi, are the baby Falak case, the bank heist in Defence Colony, the Ponty Chaddha case and the arrest of Namdhari, the Deepak Bharadwaj murder and the 16 December gang rape case.

Now ready for her new assignment, Sharma wished good luck to the new DCP(south)-B Shanker Jaiswal (IPS-2001), who was earlier posted as the DCP (outer).
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