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If you don’t mind vandalists, you can buy a house in Uk for £750

If you don’t mind vandalists, you can buy a house in Uk for £750
Britain’s cheapest house –  a three-bed semi in Teesside – is going under the hammer for a meagre £  750.

Estate agents are even willing to do a ‘two for the price of one’ as the desperate owners are also auctioning a similar house in the road for about £ 1,000.

Both the houses are in an area blighted by arson and anti-social behaviour, and have their windows barred against vandalism, the auctioneers admitted.

However, they have attracted the interest of a  man, who is making a 1,046 kilometres round trip for a viewing, The Mirror reported.
‘There’s no reserve price, which is unusual. We are looking for a quick sale and may do a “buy one get one free”,’ estate agent Richard Watson said.

‘We believe £ 750 is the cheapest house even in the current market. Let’s face it, you couldn’t get a banger for that – you’re probably looking at a very posh fridge freezer,’  he said.

Similar houses to the £750-pad in Port Clarence, near Middlesbrough, would usually sell for £35,000.

Estate agents Robinsons admits the area is not great and empty houses in the road tend to get vandalised.

‘You can get let them for 100 pounds-a-week so it’s a good investment,’ Watson added.

He said that a lorry driver from Portsmouth has already been for a viewing and is keen to uproot his family..


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