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If only the bike didn’t start, laments son

If only the bike didn’t start, laments son
If Subhash Chand Tomar's motorcycle had not been repaired on Sunday morning, it is possible the Delhi Police constable may have been alive today.

Aditya Tomar alias Sonu, the 18-year-old younger son of the now dead constable, says his father's motorcycle suffered a flat tyre on Sunday when he was about to leave for work.

Speaking after his father's cremation on Tuesday, Aditya said, ‘I got the puncture set right. But as he prepared to leave again, the motorcycle got stalled for a second time. I had it repaired once again.’

After that, the 47-year-old father of three left their home in Meet Nagar in east Delhi for Karawal Nagar police station where he was posted only two months ago.

‘Looking back, I realise that the problems with the motorcycle was some kind of an ominous sign,’ Aditya said. ‘If only the motorcycle had not been repaired and my father had not gone to work, he may be alive today.’ On Sunday afternoon, Tomar was brutally attacked on a road leading to India Gate as street protests against the gang-rape of a young woman now in critical condition turned violent.

Tomar was reportedly punched and kicked as he fell on the street bleeding. He lost consciousness and was rushed him to a hospital where he died early Tuesday.

The policeman was cremated with state honours.

N P Rana, a school teacher neighbour of the Tomar family, said the man was committed to Delhi Police, which he joined in 1987, and would not take leave even on religious holidays. ‘We never saw him rest at home,’ Rana said at Nigambodh cremation ground. ‘I think this is what caused his death. Whenever he was called for work, he would never say no.’
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