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If only I could bring you back!

If only I could bring you back!
My grandma passed away in January. I’m feeling shattered. How to survive this!
Nisha, Jaipur
Apply this feeling you feel towards your grandma to accept what has happened. Think of this: right now, she is in a place where there are no more pain, suffering, problems and no one can hurt her ever. At this very moment she is looking down at you, very pleased and happy of the love that you are showing her. I know how hurt you are but the least you could do to help your grandma rest in peace is to let her go with a smile. She is happy wherever she is right now, and I’m sure she would want you to feel the same. In time you could learn to accept the fact that she is not in this world. She will forever remain in your heart and all mortals have to go through the same cycle of life and universe. Take care dear!
Off late, I find my partner to be very strange! He is appearing different! Can you suggest what could be the problem?

Name unknown, New Delhi
Our instincts work strong on our loved ones. Whether it’s protecting their emails and texts, or always changing the subject about where they’ve been, if your man is uber sensitive in these arenas, then there’s a good chance that one of two things is up. 1) He’s having an affair or 2) He’s in some stress and hiding his truth. No matter what the reality is, something’s come up and it’s getting in the way of your relationship, so it’s time to get to the bottom of it – for the good of you both. Don’t panic, talk it out and if need be seek professional help to help your man. All the best!
I’m in college and I hate wearing make up! I do not have a boyfriend and my friends tease that my ‘no make up self’ could be the reason for guys to stay away! Is that true?

Niharika, Agra
I have always believed that looking presentable is certainly better than being clumsy. But surely one can avoid the colours completely! You don’t need make up to be good looking because you are always young and beautiful. Stay in physically good shape by exercising and eating right. Be with people who make you feel positive and happy. Make up can give a boost to your look, but it is a minor change to what you naturally have, and what you work at having. Always remember, it’s the heart that matters and your true ‘boyfriend’ should be the one who loves you the way you are! Make up won’t fetch togetherness for sure!
I want to leave my house but I don’t know what to do. I’m in class VII. Please help!

XYZ, New Delhi
While reading your question, I was able to feel your desperation. You should make a copy of your question and take it to a counselor or someone you trust around you. You should not live under these conditions any longer. When you go to discuss this matter with anyone, be ready to present your case. Dress as nicely as possible, sit up straight, speak slowly and clearly, and try to let the person know how impossible your life has become. Don’t become discouraged if you don’t get help at the first place you go. Keep trying! Whatever you do, don’t give up on life. Keep going to school and try to do your best. Education is usually the answer to a better life. You have my best wishes for a successful resolution of this difficult situation. Good luck.

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