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If destined, you both will meet

If destined, you both will meet
I’m very bad to look at. I’m dark, short and fat. I’m 29 and don’t have a boyfriend. I feel utterly depressed. How to improve my looks to find a partner.
Neeta, Chandigarh

Who said you are bad looking? Ok, if you are fat, then you must join a gym. A lean look coupled with fashionable clothes will always attract boys. Always keep smiling. It’s the best make up a girl can wear.

I met a girl at a party last week. I know her name and tried finding her on FB. Can’t locate her! Can you please tell me how to find her? I’m in love with her.
Jaggy, New Delhi

Call up your friend who organized the party. That could be the route to reach out to the one who captured you! But, as a suggestion, please don’t go by looks and believe in destiny. If destined, you both will surely meet. If not the better surely awaits!!

My parents are very very strict. I’m in 10th standard and the only one in class without a cellphone! How to convince them to gift me? I feel depressed as I am always controlled.
Rajiv, Noida

Rajiv, please give me your father/mother’s number. I’ll convince them to gift you a cell phone. Just a cell phone ok? Basic, handset which is good enough to make and receive a call and sms. No FB, no Whatsapp, no Google, no camera? Ok with you? Look Rajiv, there are no limit to gadgets and desires. Have you ever waited for a late night call from a girl on your landline? Experience that...its bliss sometimes!

I’m due for delivery in May. I have a daughter who’s 6 years old. I can feel that she is getting slightly difficult these days. She’s getting angryor upset about the future family scene. How to tackle this?
Mrs. Anju Kedia

Congrats Anju!! She’s just a baby... Tell her about your childhood...Tell her that she’s going to find a friend in her brother/sister. She will get a moving doll to play with! Ask her to deck up the room. If possible go for a short holiday... Everything will be fine... Give her more time and loads of attention and love.

Sex is a fruit I haven’t tasted. I’m 19 and unlike my peers, I’m a virgin. My girlfriend is 16 and I am waiting for the right time. My friends make fun of me and call me a ‘monk’! Am I abnormal?
Name withheld

Who said there’s a age limit for sex? 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, so? Please don’t force yourself... Sex is and will come naturally. You are not late at all. By the time you get my reply, you might have experienced your ‘first time’... Mr Anonymous.... please don’t forget the protection....(Hope you know there’s something called protection)

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