I'd 'discourage' my children from becoming actors: Ben Affleck

Id discourage my children from becoming actors: Ben Affleck
The 44-year-old star says he does not want his kids to follow in his or Garner's footsteps as "overnight success and stardom" has made him confused at times, reported Femalefirst.

"I wouldn't allow them to do it until they're 18, and once they were 18, they can do whatever they want to do, but I would discourage it," Affleck said.

The "Argo" actor opened up about his own journey to stardom, saying, "Overnight, I went from somebody no one ever heard of, to somebody that gets recognised on the street and could get a table at a restaurant. I was 24-years-old and it was a confusing time.

"I've got three kids now, and it's a whole long road later. I have a much better perspective on it all, although it still can be confusing and difficult to deal with. There's no map to it, you've just got to figure it out on your own.


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