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I will remain a sportsman: Sachin

I will remain a sportsman: Sachin
Recalling the wild celebrations in the country when India won the World Cup last year, Sachin said 'Outside the stadium, my driver told me that fans are dancing on my car. I told him not to stop them. I did not worry about the dents to the car. The Cup had brought the whole country together and it was the greatest day of my life.'

On his handling pressure situations, Sachin said: 'While batting, it is important to concentrate on the present moment without thinking of the problems faced in the past. You have half a second to react while facing the next ball. One has to keep the mind blank and heart rate down to make the right decision.'

The legendary cricketer told the audience that their good wishes were important for him to keep going.

'I am passionate about cricket. Cricket is my life. Keep praying for me so that I can derive strength from them. I pray to God to guide me in making right decisions,' he said, not even remotely addressing the thought of retirement at this juncture of his career.

Stressing the importance of positive thinking, Sachin described the 2003 World Cup tie with Pakistan as his 'biggest match', when paired with Sehwag, he put India's arch-rival on the backfoot before getting run-out on 98.

On his equanimity in handling success and failure, he said: 'This mind training has come to me from my family. When I used to play school and club cricket, there was an unwritten rule not to discuss the performance and get ready for the next match.

'It was a simple formula. Whatever has happened, cannot be changed, be it success or failure. The only celebration at home if I did well, was offering of a sweet to God by my mother.'

Asked why he does not advertise his charities, Sachin said: 'I have been supporting deprived children by sponsoring their education through 'Apanalaya Centre' for many years. But this is for my personal satisfaction and I do not need any publicity.'

He appealed to the people to experience the 'joy of giving' as even small things contributed to the needy could prove precious to many unfortunate individuals.

The master-blaster also extended his greetings to the Maharashtrians on the occasion of Maharashtra Day by shouting 'Jai Maharashtra'.
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