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I think India has been unfair to us, says Mudassar Nazar

 Agencies |  2016-09-28 23:19:30.0  |  Lahore, Pakistan

I think India has been unfair to us, says Mudassar Nazar

Former Test player and coach Mudassar Nazar feels BCCI has been unfair to Pakistan and advised the Cricket Board to look after its own interests where cricket ties with India are concerned.

“The present situation is really sad for me. It leaves me disappointed. Because I have played a lot against India in India, Pakistan and Sharjah and I know how important these matches are for development of a player and raising resources for the boards,” Mudassar, who is now Director Academies in the board, said. 

He pointed out that while there was a partisan attitude when the two countries played in Pakistan and India but he had seen people of both nations sit together in the same enclosures and watch matches in Sharjah. “Frankly speaking it saddens me and I think India has been unfair to us. It has come to a stage where the PCB should now only look after its own interests and get the best deal for themselves.”

Mudassar said he didn’t agree with statements from India that there should be no cricket with Pakistan because of political tensions between both countries.

“At some stage everyone has to realize that cricket has always helped in removing differences and reducing tensions, allowed people to understand each other. I say just keep cricket and politics apart.”

The former test player said India was in a powerful position today but it needed to deal justly. Asked if he supported suggestions by some former players, including former ICC President, Ehsan Mani, that Pakistan should refuse to play India in group matches of ICC events, Mudassar said Pakistan has to do what serves its best interests. Asked about the state of Indian cricket, Mudassar, who played 76 tests, said playing 13 Tests in a home season was a bit too much even by Indian standards.              



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