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‘I look at my cell phone, hoping for my son’s call’

Mahendra Sharma, a Delhi resident, had little idea before he decided to take a religious yatra to Kedarnath that he will lose his loved ones to nature’s fury in such a brutal way. Sharma went to Uttarakhand with 12 members of his family. However, he has lost three of them to the flash floods. Left with just nine people, Sharma is helplessly trying to scan the CCTV footage and photos available in search of the missing three.

He is heartbroken and the search for the missing ones has caused him much agony. ‘What should I say? I am very tensed. I am unable to say anything, just checking the footage and searching for my family members.

I came here with 12 people, but only nine of them are with me. The others are missing. I keep on looking at my cell phone in the hope that my son might call me,’ Sharma told Millennium Post.

He said the trauma caused by the tragedy refuses to leave him and the surviving members of his family. ‘We saw several families washed away in front of us. The scenes of the flash floods and landslides refuse  to fade out,’ he said.       
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