‘I halted my transition when I met Kris’

‘I halted my transition when I met Kris’
Caitlyn Jenner, formerly Bruce Jenner, has revealed when she was in her 30s the process of her transition into a woman had actually begun. Caitlyn said she changed her mind and decided to halt the transition after meeting Kris.

“Three or four months later, I met Kris. We hit it off from day one. I was very honest with her. I had to be...,” she recalled. “Everything was really heading in the right direction, and I made this decision to move on with my life, Kris and I together with this family,” she said.

She said that she put aside the gender things to build a good relationship with Kris, though her then-wife actually knew what really happened. “I got to get rid of these gender things and get off hormones and this and that. I actually had my boobs removed. I never told anyone that.” To handle her unusual behavior, Caitlyn, who announced her transition from male to female in April 2015, made an agreement with Kris.

“The rules with Kris and I were: ‘Don’t dress up, certainly around the house. If you really need to do that, when you’re on the road, take stuff and do that.’ So I did that for years,” she revealed.
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