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I felt embarrassed to be me: James Morrison

James Morrison may have tasted success at the very early stage of his career, but the singer says he was not happy with his music for about last ten years.

The 31-year-old English musician always tried to stay away from the “celebrity” side of being a successful singer, reported Digital Spy.

“(I haven’t felt good about my music) for about the last ten years. I felt embarrassed to be me. It’s taken me this long to feel confident about myself and to accept that not everyone’s going to like my music and that’s ok. I used to take things really personally when I was 21. “I wanted the whole world to like my music and I didn’t get why that couldn’t happen. I didn’t have very thick skin and I was sensitive. It’s taken me until now to be confident enough to go ‘Yeah I’m alright’,” Morrison said. After three platinum-selling albums, the burden of topping the charts does not bother the Broken Strings hitmaker any more.

“I’m more confident in what I’m doing now and I’m not worrying about the success. The success for me is how you feel about your music rather than chart sales. Back then if I didn’t get a chart position I felt bad and like I was shit. I don’t feel like that anymore,” he said.
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