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‘I don’t know if going by trends is such a great idea'

‘I don’t know if going by trends is such a great idea
And we managed to catch him for a candid chat. Here are excerpts from the interview...

Tell us a bit about where you started from and your initial years in the industry?
I started making my music from my early 20s in Mysore. The story of how I got into music is widely read now, but long story short, I discovered music, loved it so much that I thought it was worth it to quit my job as a scientist and jump into this full time! That was 15 years ago, and in 2011, I got the best New Comer award by Songlines magazine, so I think I am still in my early years in this industry
What is ‘your kind of music’? Is there any music that you just don’t like listening to?

I’ve always maintained that I think there are 2 genres of music, good music, and bad music. I strive to make as much good music as I can - there is no type of music I don’t like listening to, as long as it’s good. I don’t have any genre based dislikes, though my preference is for folk and world music.
How do you think the music scene in India has changed over the last decade?
Immensely! from being mostly a hobby for everyone involved, today, we have a festival almost every weekend in India and bands that are of such varied genres and musical styles. I think we have come a long way in the last decade and the next decade will make Indie music huge in India.

Are there trends that are coming up now that you can foresee as the next best thing in music?
I don’t know if going by trends is such a great idea. I know that a whole lot of people are experimenting with music and technology, and there will be a lot of hits and misses.  

Do you have a dream project in mind?
I am working on a couple of dream projects at the moment and they will be announced soon.
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