I can’t do anything other than directing: Vikram

I can’t do anything other than directing: Vikram
But Director Vikram Shankar has a different agenda as he just wants to make good films which not only will be enjoyed by the audiences but will also connect with people of all age groups.

He shared his thoughts on his upcoming movie Jab Tum Kaho and much more in a candid conversation with Millennium Post. 

What’s Jab Tum Kaho all about? What prompted you to make this film?
Jab Tum Kaho is basically a journey of a man in the backdrop of blind date concept. We need good stories to make good films which is important for the growth of our film industry and the idea for this film came from  the current situation of a metropolitan guy.

Would you like to comment on the character portrayed by the lead actor?
We needed a good performer who could fit into the character and make the story look as realistic as possible and then Pravin came our way and it was all sorted.

Why did you choose Delhi as the backdrop for the movie? How was the experience of shooting in the national Capital?
As the story belongs to a common man who lives in a metro city and I wanted the character to show the typical Delhi boy mindset, so we chose Delhi. Also Delhi is my birth place and I was born here, so it feels like my second home. Another reason is it’s also cheap to shoot in Delhi as compared to Mumbai.

What are your expectations from the movie? Do you think it will connect with the audience?
My expectations? Well umm...not much but I’d just request people to come and watch my movie as I can promise that it will connect with them automatically…as it’s their story.

What’s next, after Jab Tum Kaho? Are you working on some project at the moment?
Yaa… I have a good script in hand and I’m looking for a good producer and actors for that…It’s already in pre- production stage. I can’t do any other thing…I have no other work than making films as I’m good at nothing other than making films. I eat films, sleep films and I live films... There’s also a dialogue written by me- maa tujhse bada hai cinema.


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