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I am like a shark: India’s melody queen Asha Bhosle

She may be <g data-gr-id="27">82</g> but India’s melody queen Asha Bhosle says she has no plans to retire and is still swimming strong ‘like a shark’.

The singer is in Singapore, where she will perform this Saturday at the Star Theatre. “I’m like a shark. I can’t keep still. Some call me a workaholic,” Asha said.

“I enjoy keeping busy, and fortunately for me, there’s a large audience out there who are keen to hear me sing. It’s their love and affection that keep me going,” she said in an emailed interview with The Straits Times.

The In Ankhon Ki Masti Ke hitmaker has performed more than 12,000 songs in 20 languages from classical to folk and ghazal to pop.

Asha said Singapore is close to her heart and said it could be her ‘last performance’ here. “Singapore has always held a special place in my heart. I have had many successful concerts in the past and I am looking forward to the upcoming one, which may be my last one here.” 

Asha, who would be accompanied by actor, director and singer Sachin, will sing not only her songs but also other popular numbers from Hindi films. Reflecting on her career of over six decades of being a singing voice behind more than 10,000 films, she said, "The biggest lesson is that no one shall call me if I’m not good enough. The music industry is an unforgiving place and it shall unceremoniously show you the door if you can’t perform to high standards."

Talking about social media she said,“Social media is here to stay. It is a wonderful tool to communicate with people who would otherwise have been inaccessible,” said Asha.
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