'I am a sound chaser!'

I am a sound chaser!
Electronic artist Dj Hashback Hashish has his own quirks, he easily gets inspired and the music he creates is bound make you press the repeat button. Here are excerpts from the conversation. Read on...

Your adopted name is very interesting, what is the inspiration behind it?
Well, I wanted to play around with my real name Ashish, so  jumbled it, dropped in some imagination and Hashback Hashish came up.

When did you started playing?
I went for my studies to Australia in 2005 and started playing there as a hobby among friends and did some shows too. Later, in 2009 I started working on production of my first album.

You recently played at SXSW and Texas, how was the experience?
It was an amazing experience; the whole town goes crazy for two weeks straight. The crowd overwhelms you, its fun to play among other artists. I met many artists like Totally Extinct Enormous Dinosaur among other bands and it was nice to know them. 

You were also nominated for Radio City Music Awards, tell us about it?
The nomination was unexpected, I was overwhelmed. It’s a people choice award and I was glad to be nominated. 

Where do you get your inspirations from?
I can pick up inspirations from anywhere like, last night I got an unexpected call from an eight year old friend. After keeping the phone down, I felt good and started working on my new piece.

What do you listen to apart from electronic music?
I am a sound chaser everything pleases my ears, so basically I listen to every genre of music.   

Tell us about your new work with Surreal?
Surreal and I had an old friendship; we go back to TLR days. He asked me to do a remix so, we exchanged some mails, and we are working on it. 

What should we wait for next? 
I am working on my second album right now then there is Surreal’s remix. Also, in talks with artist Psychorigid for a mix and a few shows I am looking forward to by the end of September.   
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