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I am a selfish actor

I am a selfish actor
You are a name in Tollywood. But you have not managed to carve a niche for yourself in Bollywood. Why?

Well, I would blame myself for that. I did Satya, a fantastic film which took me up there, but I did not continue working in Bombay. The next two to three years, I was down south. I was involved in production, direction and acting.

There is a trend of bringing actors from south to Bombay. But they have not really done well. What’s your plan B?

According to me, when you think about plan B, C, D or E, then you are sure your plan A won’t work. I don’t think about plan B because I am always confident that my plan A would definitely work out come what may.

Even Bhoot did not do so well, what is the logic of making Bhoot Returns?

I don’t think so. Bhoot was the biggest hit from the RGV camp. But all sequels work on a recall value, hence they have to be much bigger and better then the original films. For eg, Ranbir Kapoor is Rishi Kapoor’s son. This is his recall value, but he has to prove his mettle as an actor, prove himself better than his father in order to succeed. Similarly, if Bhoot is a brand, then
Bhoot Returns
is a much improved product which would surpass it.

Bollywood is into sequels now, do you feel there should be a sequel to Satya?

Not a sequel but there should be a prequel to Satya, for the simple reason that am a selfish actor. With many options available now, I doubt I could have been a choice for the sequel. Thus a prequel is what I want so that my presence and role becomes mandatory in it. Even making a prequel to Satya is a novel idea in itself.

Why are actors from south coming to Bollywood when it is borrowing ideas and scripts from the south?

See, bollywood is a bigger canvas. When as an actor you want to expand and increase your brand value, I feel Bollywood is the best choice available.

Which heroine would you like to be paired with apart from Manisha Koirala?

Right now I don’t have a choice considering my popularity and visibility. It’s like beggars can’t be choosers.

What are your expectations from Bhoot Returns?

I need the blessings from gods and bhoots for it. The plus point of the film is the silence which Ramu uses with such ease to create fear. Bhoot Returns would just kill with silence.

How did you acquire the name JD?

It’s a long story. My debut film Shiva [made by Ram Gopal Verma] had me in the role of JD. Since then my character’s name became my identity.
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Anubha Singh

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