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Hugh weighs in on playing James Bond

Hugh weighs in on playing James Bond
Wolverine star Hugh Jackman says he is interested in playing the iconic British spy, James Bond.

While the 46-year-old actor said he has not been approached recently for the role, he is open to <g data-gr-id="13">be</g> 007 <g data-gr-id="12">agent</g>, reported E! Online.

“I’d certainly give it a thought. I don’t think there’s an actor on the planet who wouldn’t at least say, ‘Oh, let me have a think about that.’” 

“I’d seriously consider it. Just before Daniel (Craig) took over... At the time I was just about to do “X-Men 2” and I was like ‘I don’t think it’s the right time’ - but it was not an easy one for me to give up.”
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