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Hugh Jackman’s son finds him embarrassing

Actor Hugh Jackman has played the titular superhero in The Wolverine but according to the actor, his teenage son does not think he is anything like the iconic character.

The 46-year-old X-Men star said his son, Oscar, 15, is not much impressed by his heroic deeds on screen, reported Female First.

“My son had a friend over, a new friend. So he came over and I was listening to them in the room and the friend was obviously a <g data-gr-id="21">fan,</g> and was asking lots of questions.

“My son was just quiet and he was just basically, ‘Mm. Yeah. No. Maybe’ and then finally he said, ‘Look, can you just not ask me <g data-gr-id="23">anymore</g> questions I’ve just got to let you know my dad is nothing like Wolverine. He’s really not cool. He’s not tough in any way, okay. So just forget that.”  Jackman said he agrees with his son that he is extremely clumsy.
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